Hilary Monck

Mindful Counselling & Clinical Hypnotherapy

Mindful Counselling & Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy


Clinical Hypnosis by a skilled therapist involves a range of psychotherapy and counselling techniques to facilitate healing and changes that are appropriate for your particular situation.


In a state of focussed attention, the ‘trance’ state enhances your ability to accept new ideas about yourself that are in line with your current values.


Generally 3 or 4 sessions depending on the issue.

I am an associate member of AACHP and AHA



Mindful Counselling


There are many modalities available for Counselling.

I utilise an empathetic approach which puts your needs first, how you want to perceive yourself.


This understanding creates space that enables you to move towards the goals and potentials that you have for your life. 


Sometimes these abilities are blocked by life experiences and consequently our values and self-worth decrease.


My approach will help you to move forward to a place that is supportive and nurturing of your goals and yourself as a whole individual.

I am an associate member of the APS

Flower Reading


Flowers continue to be celebrated in artwork and ritual since ancient times. We are attracted to flowers, their qualities, colours and shapes for a variety of reasons. We intuitively connect energetically to their life force through our appreciation of beauty in Nature.


Flowers pull us in to admire, evoke memories and as symbols of the rhythm of life.  A flower reading is a gentle way of seeking direction and guidance. In Victorian times meanings of flowers were conveyed in symbolism called the ‘Language of Flowers’.


I have taken the time to become a Certified Flower reader learning to read flowers and plants for guidance, healing and inspiration. This is done through understanding the botany and environment along with mythology and healing properties of flowers and plants through history.

Session Price


Mindful Counselling 1 Hour $140


Clinical Hypnotherapy 1 hour - $140

Generally 3 or 4 sessions depending on the issue.


Intuitive Flower Readings 30 mins  - $50


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