About Me

Hilary Monck

Mindful Counselling & Clinical Hypnotherapy



Hi I’m Hilary.


I'm a professional with a 4 year degree in Psychology and trained by Rick Collingwood in Clinical Hypnosis. I’ve had a lifelong interest in psychology, spirituality and mind sets that relate to our sense of who we are and how we make the best of the life that we have. I know that in making change or moving forward, we sometimes need support to uncover skills and positive attributes and attitudes that have been covered up through circumstances. 


I’m known for being direct, compassionate and caring. I have a wonderful tool kit of skills that will help to unlock your unconscious habits of mind and re-engage your potential for a life of awareness, purpose and connectedness. I have a wide variety of life experiences where I continue to integrate and balance the scientific and spiritual parts of my life. University studies provide a solid theoretical and evidenced based foundation.  


Throughout your session with me I will help you tune into your own innate guidance and wisdom, the spiritual part of yourself that often becomes dominated by ego. Always in life there is choice.

I will help you cultivate a relationship of depth to yourself by discovering and exploring what it is that is preventing you from moving forward.

I am currently a Spiritual Care Intern at Peter Mac Hospital, working with cancer patients and families.


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